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Witness: Asia Jennings
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Date of Encounter: December 7, 2005

I was feeling very down this day. My great great grandmother's birthday was today. She would've been 101 years old today but she died when she was 97. I first went to her gravesite and placed flowers on her grave. Oh how I miss her! I sat down and talked to her and cried and told her things that had been going in my life. As I was getting up to leave I felt a wind but it wasn't exactly a wind; maybe just a soft caress on my face. I knew it was her, I could feel it. Later when I had driven the 36 miles home I went past her old home and God it saddened me to see her house in ruins like that. I stopped the car and went in and I walked throughout the house just feeling her all over. As I got ready to leave I saw this face in a dusty mirror and I walked over to it and it was her! I saw the faintest glimmer of a smile and she was gone. I was thankful just for those few seconds with her on her birthday.

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