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Home Encounters Great Grandmother’s Apparition

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Witness: Deb Erickson
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Encounter: August 1, 1962

My mother and I both witnessed a full-body apparition materializing in the corner of my Grandmother’s upstairs bedroom. I was 10 years old at the time, and we were staying at Grandmother’s house. We were talking about school clothes shopping when Mom and I both said, “Do you see that?” simultaneously, as a white light, that was about five-feet-tall, with a head and shoulders, and human-body shape, started glowing in the corner of the room approximately 10 feet or less from our location in bed.

The light was completely contained to the human-like silhouette and did not disperse into the rest of the room. The head and facial area started to obtain darker facial features as we pulled the covers up to our noses and both screamed. The apparition disappeared immediately. We thoroughly checked out the house afterward finding no shorted wires, no light or lamp in that area, projected light source, or cause of the glowing specter. To this day we are both convinced that we witnessed a ghost and are firm believers in visitors from beyond. We suspect that our ghost was my Great Grandmother who used to sleep in that corner of the front bedroom and had passed away a year before I was born in 1951.

I have had other, less vivid experiences in my adult life, and continue to believe in the paranormal. My Grandmother’s house continued to be reportedly “haunted” by several different spirits, observed by other family members, neighbors, and friends. My two brothers and a neighbor each saw my Grandmother peeking out the window immediately following her death in 1971.

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