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Witness: Nikki
Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina
Date of Encounter: Fall of 2002

I never really thought I "believed" before until my husband and myself were moving all of my stuff out. He was my boyfriend at the time and we were going to move in together. I was staying with my mom and dad at the time, and our house had belonged to my late great grandfather.

I had always been told that the house was haunted. Other family members had had experiences in the house before, but never me. It all started when we were moving. My mom and dad and my son had left for the beach. The house was empty except for my husband and myself. We were both upstairs gathering items to take. Out in the hall was a table with different photos on it — one was a picture of my grandmother (my great grandfather's daughter). She was wearing a bathing suit and she was sitting down leaning back. She had to be cold or something because her nipples were hard. My husband happened to notice the picture and he mentioned to me that he could see her nipples. I told him he should be ashamed of himself for saying that. He laughed and said "It's no big deal." Anyway, I continued to pack and move boxes downstairs.

All of a sudden my husband called out to me and asked me to come upstairs. I climbed the stairs and found him standing at the table in the hall. He asked if I had touched anything on the table. I said I had been downstairs. Then I glanced at the picture. The picture had turned itself or had been turned by something all the way around facing the wall. That's when I got scared out of my mind. I had never had anything like this happen to me. That whole night we kept hearing knocking, bumping, all sorts of noises coming from upstairs. I was freaked out. 

The next time we had a encounter my dad had decided to remodel the master bedrooms' bathroom — it had been only a shower. He was going to put in a tub. During the process of tearing out the existing shower we kept hearing this awful banging noise coming from upstairs. I thought it was the dryer making the noise, my mom informed me that it wasn't the dryer — it was coming from the upstairs. She said apparently her grandpa wasn't happy about the remodel. 

Still, every night since we have moved back in the house, I have a problem sleeping. As soon as I lay down to go to sleep I have the strongest feeling someone is standing right beside my bed. So I say a little prayer and hope it's just there to watch over me. I believe it is my great grandfather, but I'm not sure. It hasn't ever tried to harm us, but it sure does like to let you know you're not alone. 

Since I've had my youngest son, at night when I'm downstairs and my son is upstairs, I can hear my son giggling in his sleep. He's only 17 months old — it seems very odd because before he never did that.

And my oldest son has recently started having nightmares. The dog sleeps with him at night. One night I heard the dog growling so I proceeded to go into the room. When I went in, I saw the dog staring at the wall. This has happened several nights in a row. Now the dog won't stay in the room all night, he jumps off the bed and sleeps in the hall. That's really strange to me because every since he was a puppy he's slept with someone. There has to be something in that room to be making him act this way.

Now it's become a little easier to accept what's happening but, I still get freaked out when I hear things. It has started to call my name at times now. Only when I'm alone though.

My mom says in the house in this one particular room, every time she walks in it, her heart hurts her. So she's learned to stay out of that room.

I know there's explanations for a lot of things, but I can't seem to figure any out here. But, like I said before, it's comforting to know if it's my great grandfather, he's watching over his favorite great granddaughter.

If anyone can help me explain, please do let me know. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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