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Witness: Angie
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Date of Encounter: July 2004

I have always had encounters all my life with what people call ghosts. One encounter I had at work in Plymouth, Michigan.

I was at my computer reading the Bible online and I heard the plastic bottle that was sitting on my co-worker's desk slam against the monitor and then it bounced around for a couple of seconds before it stopped. I said okay to myself and tried not to panic. I was the only person in that room on the weekend, in fact the only person in the building so I continued to read the Bible, then I got off work and in my bedroom I kept smelling my kids' father's scent. He passed away in April of 2003. The scent got stronger so I knew from that he was around me. So I was talking to him and I began to pray for him and the smell went away.

The next day at work I said, "Timmy, if you can hear me and if you're here, dim the lights above so I'll know if your there." Immediately the lights dimmed and I said, "Oh my God, you are here." As I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan I had the same thing happen at work — I was the only one there on the weekend and my co-worker drank a lot of pop. A plastic bottle was sitting on his desk like before at the Plymouth location and I was reading the Bible again and the same thing happened, and both times I got the impression that someone I know that passed away was trying to get my attention. I believe when I was reading the Bible they felt it was a good time because I was calm. After the bottle incident on the other desk by me, my co-worker's name plate slammed on his key board extremely hard. I said to myself who is that? The next day my cousin called from Detroit to tell me my uncle passed away the day before — the same day all these things started happening. At this point I'm starting to wonder what's going on.

Well, that same night I worked a double shift and I was tired. My 3 year-old son was in the basement with me and we were watching TV when the lamp turned off. Me and my son, Trevor looked at each other and my son ran up the stairs. I had to laugh even though I was scared. I told my husband and he said, "I don't think you cut the lights off completely." So I said, "Okay, but I don't think you understand what's going on." The next weekend I got off work and I was getting ready to rest and I shut the lights off. In the back of my mind I made sure I could hear the lamp make a click noise — the way you know you cut the lights off. I laid down after talking to my husband on the phone. As soon as I hung up the phone and I said out loud to myself, "Damn, I'm tried," and the light came back on and this time I heard the click noise from the lamp as if someone turned the lamp back on.

Now I said, "Wait one minute." I jumped up and shut off the rest of the lights in the house. Then I finally went to sleep that night and I started hearing someone walking upstairs.  I called my son, Dominique's name and I got no response after I kept hearing footsteps so I go upstairs to check on the kids and everyone was asleep. At this point I said to myself I'm not staying downstairs. I slept in the living room that night.

I figured no one will ever believe me, and these strange encounters never stopped until one day a couple of weeks later my son was playing basketball. His chest was burning and his right arm started hurting him and he couldn't breath and this was the second time this had happened to him. I took him to the doctors and I explained to the doctor what happened and I also informed the doctor that my kid's father died in April from a dilated heart muscle and I believe my son is in the same situation. My son is 14 years-old, and every since then, the sprits stopped.  I believe it was my son's dad telling me to get his son checked out by a doctor.

Sprits really exist whether anybody wants to believe it or not. My dad always comes to me and also to my little brother. Spirits let me know in signs that they are looking over me all of the time.  To test this one day when I was working during the morning at the Helpdesk taking calls. On this day I was depressed and I went outside to smoke. I was talking to my dad and I went back to my desk and said, "Pop, if you are still with me, dim the lights." And the lights flashed, they blinked, and I just laughed. The fact that they are dead bothers me, but I try to talk to them and let them know I'm aware. I rest assure that my dad is working on the other side helping me along the way.

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