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Witness: Mark
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
Date of Encounter: 1999 to present

From the time I built this house, some strange things had begun to happen, but most of it was harmless and not much notice was taken of these things at first. The first encounter was about 3 months after I had finished building this house. I had just dozed off to sleep when I was woken by the stereo playing. I went and turned it off and thought nothing of it. A few weeks later I was asleep and was woken around 3 A.M. by the sound of footsteps and running outside my hallway. I could hear voices saying, "Shhhhhhhh, we will wake him." Like anyone else would, I got up to see who it was but found not a trace of anyone. I put it down to a dream. The only problem was I kept hearing them come and go, month after month. They did not frighten me because I sensed the voices were of young children playing and on the odd occasion the stereo would come on again was always around the same time — 3 A.M. It got to the point where I thought my stereo was faulty and I pulled the plug from the wall. But what was soon to happen was the TV started to switch on — not on any channel, just a blank channel. I guess at this point it did make me wonder what was going on, but like I said, I felt I was not threatened in any way.

After this, all seemed to quiet down, the little voices would come and go, and it could be months between each visit. Either that or I had gotten used to the voices and slept peacefully.

I have a company in the USA which I travel to a lot and don't always live in my house in Australia. On one visit back to Australia I was sleeping and heard the sound of running water. It sounded real so I thought a tap was left on, or a pipe had burst. I got up to investigate. What I did find was that I had a collection of port wine which was always laid down, but to my astonishment there was port all over the tiled floor and what I found amazing was the bottle had the lead seal over it, but the cork had been pushed into the bottle yet no one was home except for myself.

I have my dog which is now on 8 months old and he will start growling and backing, up or go right off barking in fright and yet he could be in any room when he does this and yet no one is there. It takes me a few times of patting him to calm him back down. He senses stuff I cannot see or sense. Lately I feel a sense of unease and on four occasions I have this out door swing seat on my patio and with no wind around, it will suddenly start to swing and sometimes swing quite fast. When that starts to happen I take the dog and go inside. I don't know what is going on here but it is starting to bother me because I feel it's no longer little kids and something much sinister is starting to evolve. All I know is I am beginning to dislike living here.

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