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Grave's EndGrave’s End
By Elaine Mercado
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., (May 1, 2001)
Pages: 192 – Price: $12.95

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At first glance, you’ll think its the same old story about “the young couple that moves into a house and discovers it’s haunted, ” except this book is different; this book will scare the skeptic right out of you.

Spirits terrorized Elaine Mercado and her family for 15 years in their Brooklyn, New York home. They had no idea what was happening to them or what to do about it. They just tried to cope with it and live their lives as any average middle-class family would. Grave’s End is as much the story of Elaine Mercado’s discovery of the supernatural as it is the story of her struggle to get rid of the weirdness.

Elaine was highly skeptical regarding the possibility that her house might have been haunted. But this skepticism waned with each terrifying occurrence. Imagine hearing someone whisper your name right in your ear while lying in bed? How about getting water poured on you from out of nowhere, by something that isn’t there? Your two young daughters having to endure night after night of strange noises, smells, and lights.

Grave’s End has it all. What really separates this book from most ghost stories is the realism, the believability, the lack of hyperbole, and the skeptical nature by which Mercado viewed the haunting. The psychological transformation she went through because of the ordeal speaks to you with an authenticity that few ghost stories contain. It is much more than just another scary story, this is the real deal. This book will leave you convinced that the division between the living and the dead is thin indeed.

May 23, 2003
Reviewed by Lee Prosser – review

The author of this true ghost story is a Registered Nurse, and the story she shares with the reading audience is both factual, documented, and scary. What is most attractive about the book is its straight-ahead approach, each page leading to something else, the documentation on target, detailed, and interesting. 

This is the story of a family’s thirteen-year nightmare at a home they purchased during 1982 at Brooklyn, New York. The wife, and her husband and their two daughters share some paranormal experiences that will leave the reader breathless. 

Within a few days of moving in to their new home, the sense of being watched became apparent. This was followed by suffocating dreams, shadowy figures and laughter. More actions followed including whispering. Then came the physical aggression towards the mother and her daughters. Their genuine fear can be felt by the reader.

With the help of parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer and the well-know medium Marisa Anderson, the secrets behind the tragic house at Grave’s End are revealed. This book becomes a story of how paranormal activity was observed, and documented. There are 12 chapters plus an epilogue written in April of 1999 which nicely summarizes what was, and what had happened.

For the avid ghost hunter and researcher, there is much information in this nonfiction book to analyze, and review. The encounters with the ghosts are well-worth the reader’s time, and there are many psychological insights shed on these paranormal activities. Grave’s End is fast-paced reading, and it can be devoured in an evening’s time.

The book will give the reader much food for thought, and factual approaches to the paranormal as the happenings unfold in this weird house. Chapter five will hold the readers spellbound with its information about the effect of the paranormal on the humans in the haunted house!

A very down-to-earth book, the story told by Elaine Mercado gives an honest look at an American family beset by paranormal activity, how they come to cope with it, and the manner in which they confront their own innermost fears. Entertaining, factual, scary, those are three words which sum up Grave’s End

This is one for the home library. The descriptions give perfect word pictures of the ghosts, and the humans confronting the ghosts. Well-written.

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