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Witness: Jackie
Location: Scituate, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: January 24, 2005

Just the other day I was using a new digital camera and while playing around with it I took a picture of another picture of my grandmother who has been gone for 10 years come this March. Well, later in the day my mother said she had put the copied picture into our game room because Grandma would have liked that room. My mother proceeds to say how much she misses Grandma and both of us got a little teary eyed. A few minutes later my mother and I are in her room (mom was cleaning) and I sitting on the bed when I looked over at the TV stand and noticed it needed to be dusted really badly. I saw writing in the dust: 1 9 3 1. I asked mom (laughing) if she didn't have a pen handy when the lottery number came out and if she wrote it in the dust. Mom's face after seeing what the number was got all choked up and said, "That is the year your grandmother was born." So I guess Grandma was saying she missed us too. By the way, we started playing that number just in case.

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