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Witness: Sharon Hart
Location: Stinson Lake, New Hampshire
Date of Encounter: August 2000

Every summer myself and my best friend go for a few days of R & R at her dad's hunting camp in the middle of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. On the trip we took in 2000, her daughter and her daughter's friend came up with us. They had packed their stuff in the trunk of the car, and one of the items was a Ouija Board. When my buddy saw it, she removed it, as it kind of freaked her out. When we arrived up north, and the girls realized it was among the missing, they made their own, using a piece of cardboard and a marker. 

That night, we lit candles, made our protective circle using salt, etc., and sat down to begin. We used a shotglass, as we hadn't the other item for signifying the letters (I forget what it's called). We called several different spirits, mostly we were just kind of fooling around. Anyway, after about an hour or so, I asked if anyone else would like to talk to us before we retired for the night. The answer was 'Yes,' and the name given was Sam. I thought to myself, Oh, a male spirit, because up to that point all the others were female. The shotglass started moving and spelled out Samantha. 

We started asking Sam many questions and the shotglass was moving so fast over the letters, that one of the girls had to write them down, and we separated them into words at the end of our session. Apparently Sam had been traveling home with her boyfriend after their prom in the 1950's. They were involved in an accident on the Kangamangus Highway and she was killed. Her boyfriend survived, but when he learned of Sam's death, he committed suicide. Now, remember, we're getting all this info from the Ouija board. 

When I arrived home at the end of our stay up north, I couldn't stop thinking of Sam's story, so I called my son who had a computer  I didn't) and gave him Sam's name, whose last name, by the way, was "Jones." I asked him to see what he could find out about her, and I didn't give him a single detail of our experience.

He called me a few hours later and gave me the exact same details that we had gotten from the Board. He even printed it out and gave it to me, and I carried it with me for a long time. The last sentence in the printout was: Samantha Jones, affectionately known as Sam, will be missed by all. Isn't that fascinating? I'll never forget it, and I hope that Sam has since gone toward the light.  

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