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Glimpses 2: It Could Happen to You by Martha JetteGlimpses 2: It Could Happen to You
By Martha Jette
Publisher: Saga Books (July 2005)
Pages: 325 – Price: $17.50 review

Martha Jette has put together a most unusual book for the readers of the paranormal and the supernatural. Glimpses 2 is filled with photographs and people who have been touched by the paranormal in various forms. Each chapter section contains photographs and encounters. 

For instance, among the topics are found: visits from the other side, ghost hunters, near death experiences, premonitions, reincarnation, the mystery of dreams, angels, soul mates, ESP, visions, haunted houses and sites, dangers of Ouija boards, strange tales from around the world, unexplained phenomenon, cryptozoology, animal spirits, and UFOs and aliens. There is something for everybody in this engaging collection of nonfiction encounters!

The haunted homes section of the book is fascinating reading with such entries as “Michele Grew Up With Spirit Visitors,” “Old Cabin Is Open Portal For Spirits,” “Cape Cod Summer Home Haunted,” among many others. A total of 90 strange entries comprise this entertaining book. Each one is different, unusual, and documented.

Readers will find this it-could-happen-to-you approach entertaining reading, as each story is told and shared. If you are interested in paranormal happenings, you will find this book is fun, scary, and an exciting reading adventure. 

These are 90 selections which will capture and intrigue your paranormal curiosity. Nicely done!  For more information about the author, visit her Web site at:

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