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Gift of the White Light: The Strange and Wonderful Story of Annette Martin, Psychic by James N. FreyGift of the White Light: The Strange and Wonderful Story of Annette Martin, Psychic
By James N. Frey
Publisher: Quill Driver Books (May 2008)
Pages: 193 – Price: $25.00 review

James N. Frey’s biography of American psychic Annette Martin is an in-depth look at the personal and psychic life of a genuine psychic. Researched, accurate, and interesting, the book gives an enjoyable look at a woman with special psychic abilities. The book covers the woman’s life from her birth through the year 2008, and it is an unfolding of what she did and what she has achieved with her abilities. The book contains photos, an index, a note to the readers, and a prologue, accompanied by twelve chapters. Many topics of a paranormal and supernatural nature are covered in this fine biography.

Chapters include information on the power of the White Light, and Annette Martin’s adventures as a young psychic. Other chapters cover her experiences with various people, healing, and her career as a psychic detective. She helps law enforcement agencies locate missing people and channels her health readings through Edgar Cayce. She did a reading for a client that he would be in a small plane which would tumble into the ocean, and fifteen years later, that man had that fate happen to him — this man was singer John Denver who died in a small plane which crashed into the ocean. Annette Martin is also the first psychic to be sworn in as an expert witness in a court of law involving a murder case.

There is a genuineness and honesty about Annett Martin, which is accurately captured and shared in this biography. James N. Frey has a gift for letting the subject of his biography reveal herself in honest, frank terms and ways that will captivate the reader’s interest.

If you want to read about a true psychic and her numerous encounters, this is the book for you. Well-written, concise, and full of surprises, Gift of the White Light is well worth your time to read, and share with a friend. A fine, entertaining book, one you will recall long after you have finished reading the last page. Highly recommended biography.

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