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Witness: Mike Campbell
Location: Cascapedia St Jules, Quebec, Canada
Date of Encounter: Ongoing

I have been studying ghosts for several years now (and yes, I know my house is occupied by several). I think my ghosts have me wired, such that when they want something they are able to activate a pressure point such that I feel a twitching sensation in my right or left side. The more they want me to act, the more intense it is. I see these apparitions on a regular basis, although I am unable to make out any precise details as to just who they are; I know they are here.

I find they like certain TV shows and also prefer classical music or Country, to Rock. On other occasions I have felt myself being pushed or directed in a certain direction. I have many photos of orbs, but have not managed to acquire any of a ghost. I've also had weird dreams for several months now with rarely a night of peaceful sleep; unless I sleep in another location. I am beginning to feel these ghosts are probing my inner thoughts when all my defenses are turned off to determine my true character. On many occasions I have had sleep paralysis; but the more recent times I have been warned by a premonition that this was about to happen and I am then able to take defensive action. On those times when paranormal activity becomes too intense for me to cope, I have by accident discovered that by dressing myself in a set of Gor-tex rain gear, I am able to have a good degree of defense against any physical actions they may attempt. If in fact they do slip inside I am able to directly attack them in turn by compressing the garment tightly against my body. Since there are ghosts here watching me type this, I expect there will be above normal activity here tonight… so be it.

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