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Witness: Serenity
Location: Milton, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: March 17, 2010

I've never experienced anything like the day I went over to my cousin's house for her eleventh birthday. We were walking down to the horse stables to feed the horses when Kyra pointed the house out. I don't go over to her house often, so I hadn't ever realized the run-down building was there. Kyra told me that the house was haunted by the spirit of a little girl, one that was killed by her abusive mother. Of course, I just rolled my eyes and thought nothing of it. Later that evening Kyra dared me to go in the house. I agreed willingly. She gave me a look of pity, like she couldn't believe I wasn't afraid. I marched into the house triumphantly only to feel a cold sensation make its way through my body. It was weird, as if warning me.

I crept down the hall, enraptured by the silence. As I was coming back down the hall I stepped on something. I picked it up. It was a teddy bear, like one a little girl would have. The freaky thing is it wasn't there a moment before. I thought Kyra was playing a joke on me, but the creaky front door hadn't opened. The thing that really set me off was someone whispering the word "leave." And I did, really, really quick. Kyra was standing in the same spot as she had been. Now I rarely go down to feed the horses anymore, fearing that I'll witness the eerie presence of the little girl.

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