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Ghosts of Fort Worth: Investigating Cowtown's Most Haunted Locations by Brian RighiGhosts of Fort Worth: Investigating Cowtown’s Most Haunted Locations
By Brian Righi
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (January 2008)
Pages: 176 – Price: $14.95 review

This unusual look at what was originally a military post setting makes for enjoyable reading about ghosts in Fort Worth, Texas. The nickname for the city is Cowtown. There is much in the way of the supernatural in this lively, modern city. Supernatural phenomenon is heavily present. Spectral gunslingers are but one paranormal aspect covered in this book about ghosts and hauntings. This is a trip through the dark, macabre side of Fort Worth, Texas.

There are many topic headings covered in this book, including a glossary and bibliography. One of the exciting sections is “The Town That Disappeared.” Another one is “The Singing Ghost of Mistletoe Heights.” Here is a partial listing of some of the topics: “The House That Swift Built,” “The Scent of Flowers,” “The Spirits Upstairs,” “The ‘Castle of Cowtown,'” “The Curse of ‘Death’s Crossing,'” “The Strange Case of the Glowing Tombstone,” and others. A guide to the paranormal sites and tours of Fort Worth are included.

The section titled “Literary Spirits” will intrigue many interested in haunted bookstores. It is about the Back Door Book Shop. If you go to Fort Worth, it is among many haunted places you may wish to visit and investigate.

The author, Brian Righi, lives in Fort Worth.

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