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Witness: Tyler Laughman
Location: Ashland, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: November 2007

I am an EMS worker for an ambulance company. When I was younger, I lived in Huber Heights, Ohio where I believed my house was haunted. Once, me and my friend were playing video games and we were the only ones home. The TV turned itself off and we heard my mom shout my brother's name, "Shawn." We looked at each other and ran down the stairs. No one was home. Ever since, my friend would not stay at my house. I was afraid in that house because I experienced horrifying dreams of demons, seeing shadows and faces, hearing voices and noises. The electronics went haywire there. My mom told me to play church music, that it would help, so before I went to bed I put a church cassette in my boom box, hit play, set it on the floor, and went to sleep. I then woke up to a loud noise. My boom box had been smashed, the antenna ripped off, and the cassette player door ripped open.

Soon after, my mom got remarried and we moved in with my stepfather who never believed us. When we went down to finalize the sale of the house, he was taking a shower when something started banging on the bathroom door. He opened the door and no one was there. That was when I was 13 years old. Nothing happened since the move until recent.

I got married, and me and my wife live in Ashland, Kentucky. One night at work me and my partner who work on an ambulance were sent to pick up a patient and transport him home from the hospital. When we arrived in the hospital ER, we found a 50 year-old man alert and oriented. We place him on our cot, and pushed him out of his room. He then placed the sheets over his head. I asked him what was wrong and he said the light bothered him. We placed the man in the back of the ambulance where I sat in the back, and I got his vitals. My partner drove up front. I turned off the lights in back upon request of the patient. Then the patient appeared to go to sleep. After about five minutes, the patient jerked up to a sitting position and screamed/growled a blood curdling scream, it was frightening because it was in about 12 different voices at once: children, men, women, beasts, all screaming at once, then the patient after about 10 seconds fell back and started convulsing, shaking, and twitching violently. I told my partner to hit the sirens and head to the nearest hospital. The whole time the patient shook violently until we arrived in front of the hospital where he stopped and laid motionless, which is common after seizures, a postictal state occurs after using so much energy — it may be important to mention we were at a Catholic hospital.

We took the patient in the ER and transferred him to a bed. I then talked to the doctor on duty. The patient was speaking to the nurses and I went to get him to sign a form. I asked him if he was all right, he said, "Yes." Then I asked if he was able to sign, his reply was the same. I gave him the pen and held out my clipboard. His eyes went blank, and he quit talking. I looked down and his hands were just going in circles, so I just left him. When I got out to the ambulance, I looked at the paper I asked him to sign but instead of a name there was a number written all the way across the page: 66666666666666666666666666666666. My partner came out and asked me if I heard the scream, I said, "Yes. Why?" He said because it sounded like several people yelling at once. I told him I heard the same.

Later that night, my wife came to pick me up since one of our cars was broken down. She was just sitting in the car and did not speak to me. I asked what was wrong. She gave me a terrified glance and said she had to leave the house. She said she was sitting on the couch watching TV, then she saw a reflection in the microwave of a man in the kitchen. A reflection on the TV of someone sitting by her on the couch, and another of a woman standing by the couch right beside her. The light outside started going on and off. The woman in the reflection by the couch was playing with the light switch, my wife said she could only see them in the reflections, but she could see the light switch moving up and down. She felt uneasy and cold with a nervous shiver. After that night, it hasn't happened since, but the ambulance radios will turn up and down on their own, even away from the station. One day an employee pulled their personal car into the ambulance bay to put their bags into the car. While in the bay, the car radio came on by itself. I don't know if these are all related or independent incidents, but I do know that it's not normal.

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