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RENO, NEVADA — A Reno–based company, Ghost Tours of Nevada ( invites you to “Put A Little Fright In Your Night" with a two-hour bus tour of “The biggest little city in the world.” 

Not your ordinary tour, the Haunted Reno Tour dares passengers to take a look at Reno’s spookiest sites. According to Robert Allen and Janice Oberding, founders, “Reno is haunted by many ghosts…most are friendly…some are not.” Allen says, ” We based our tour on the stories found in my partner’s popular book, Haunted Nevada." 

With tour guides, dressed as morticians and strange tales of murder, madness, and mayhem, the city’s darkest secrets are revealed on this ride into the noir side of Reno. 

There’s no denying it. This is the dark side of Reno; where the ghosts of notorious gangsters “Baby Face” Nelson and “Ma” Barker still roam the city’s oldest avenues. If that’s not enough to chill the soul of the hardiest among us, there are stories of the ghostly Marilyn Monroe, the strange disappearance of Roy Frisch, and the tragic ghosts of the doomed Galaxy Airliner that crashed in the middle of town.

One of the highlights of the tour is a walk to the campsite of the ill fated Donner Party of 1846; here the party spent the last peaceful moments of their existence before heading toward their ordeal in the Sierras. Hovering spirits have been reported more than once here. 

Some visitors are surprised to find weird ghostly images on their photos. “I was a skeptic when I boarded the bus," says Mitchell a 36-year-old visitor from San Francisco, “but after seeing this image on my camera, I’m not so sure.” 

“Anomalies such as this are common in photos taken at haunted locations," Allen assures us. 

“Our goal is not to convince anyone of the existence of ghosts, but to make the Haunted Reno experience fun for everyone; believers and non-believers alike,” says Oberding. 

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