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Witness: Ashley
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: Late Fall 1999

Many years before the Fall of 1999, we had gotten this beautiful short haired white cat. At the time we got her we were living in an apartment, and after a while we decided to move. Where we were moving to, there weren't any cats allowed so we kept her at my Grandmother's. By then it was winter and she got out and never came back — we suspected her to be dead.

I slept up in the attic of our new house with my little brother. At the time, the door was always stuck because of the carpet, making it impossible to open unless you shoved your body weight against it. Well, one night as we were starting to fall asleep, we heard a cat kneading into the side of the bed, and meowing very loudly. My brother and I were knocked completely out of sleepy daze and I rushed to turn the lights on. When I looked under the bed and all around the room, there was nothing. And the door was still closed.

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