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Bretton Woods, New Hampshire – Beyond Reality Events and The Atlantic Paranormal Society announced that after their first paranormal exploration at the Mount Washington Resort sold out within weeks, they have made an additional weekend available.

Featured in season 4 of the hit Sci Fi channel series, ‘Ghost Hunters’, the Mount Washington resort quickly became a viewer favorite due to the compelling EVP captured of the hotels resident ghost, Princess Carolyn. “The TAPS team loves investigating Mount Washington. There are reports of paranormal activity through out the hotel and at our last event, very few people walked away without having some sort of unexplained experience of their own”, said Amy Bruni, one of the event organizers and stars of the Ghost Hunters show.

The weekend of paranormal exploration begins April 17th and continues until April 20th. During the day, attendees will have the opportunity to attend an informative lecture series, browse vendor tables and have readings with some of the worlds most respected psychics. By night, groups will be formed to actually investigate the Mount Washington hotel will members of the TAPS team, including Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the TAPS Founders. Also featured at this event will be exhibits of actual belongings owned by the princess, plus a collection of Ouija and Spirit boards dating back to the 1800’s.

For more information about the event and to schedule interviews with Amy Bruni or Britt Griffith of Ghost Hunters please contact Holly Griffith at 951-227-6556, or email

Amy Bruni or Holly Griffith
Beyond Reality Events

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