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LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA — Never has there been an event like this… a gathering of international ghost-hunters to include organized groups and individual researchers, for a weekend of seminars, speakers, discussion and sharing. It will be nothing less than a summit of all the best people in this field and the top experts in paranormal research, sharing all the latest information and research in the field of ghost hunting. Ghost hunting has been called the number one fastest growing hobby, spurred on in part by TV shows like Sci-Fi Channels hit show “Ghost Hunters” and the up-coming “Supernatural” over WB. There is no better time than this summit to be held.

And it will all be held at the most haunted place in Southern California…the Hotel Queen Mary.

Once a Titanic-era luxury sailing vessel, which carried everyone from paupers to prime ministers across the Atlantic, the Queen Mary is now permanently moored at the port of Long Beach. It’s all there in all its timeless glory — the long, haunted corridors where movie stars and legends once roamed, the beautiful former ship cabins now become hotel rooms, the deep ship chambers where brave sailors went to their deaths and periodically remind visitors that they still walk among us, the Queen’s Salon where a ghostly woman in white is often seen dancing. It has been said, the Queen Mary is the site of some of the most documented hauntings in ghost research history. 

Weekend Events include seminars with ghost hunting experts and speakers; the Once-in-a-Lifetime All Night Exclusive Full Ghost Investigation of the Queen Mary; the Pirate Encounter : We’re scaring up the most fearsome spirits to ever sail the port of Long Beach! Their sought-after booty is the haunted Queen herself. We’ll defend the Great Lady from the Jolly Roger with dinner and entertainment.

And other activities still in the planning stages! 

Interested parties may contact Heather Clark at or +1.661.723.0962

Our web site is accessible at

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