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Witness: Cynthia Estrada
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Encounter: Ongoing

We moved to this house and right after we bought it the previous owner told my mom to bless the house because her son had died in there. We did bless the house but that didn't stop her son. A year or so passed and my little brother was born. We've all heard that babies have the ability to see things we can't. When he was a toddler he would spend most of his time upstairs in my room and when we asked him what he was doing he would say that he was playing with "the little boy." My mom freaked out and we got the house blessed again. A couple of years passed and nothing happened. Then it all started happening at once. My younger sister said she saw a little girl playing with her dolls. She said she saw it from the corner of her eye and that when she looked, the doll was in its place. I also saw this girl on my bed one night. I opened my eyes and saw her body facing me but her face was turned toward my toys. When I opened my eyes to see her clearly, she was gone. There was also an incident when I heard someone coming up the stairs to my room. I heard running footsteps and I even saw a shadow, I assumed it was my little brother, but when I called his name and got no response, I decided to look for him. When I did go look for him there was no one there and my brother was barley coming up the stairs. Was it the little boy? Since then the house was blessed one more time and it has stopped, but that's the way it is. It stops and it comes back. Maybe it is the little boy looking for his mom. But then how do you explain the little girls?

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