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Witness: Daniel Philip Marks
Location: Gladstone, Virginia
Date of Encounter: October 1976

One day in October my girlfriend and I were returning from a trip to her mother's house in Narrows, Virginia. It was a cold, wet, Sunday afternoon when we returned to our house on Route 60E, a few miles outside of Amherst, Virginia. My girlfriend, Faye, had decided to run up to the grocery store up in Amherst which was about 5 miles from where we lived. This left me with time to take a hot shower while she was gone. I went into the bathroom and started the shower when suddenly our dog started barking loudly. This is when I shouted, "Who's there and what do you want?" Why I did that, I'll never know, but I proceeded to wrap a towel around myself and venture into the kitchen where I saw this huge Civil War soldier holding a sword in his right hand. I could see right through him, and I must tell you I've never been more scared in my life. So scared that I walked out onto the front porch in a towel holding our family dog. While outside, I stood there in the pouring rain terrified. If one of our neighbors had been home, I would have gone there but no one was. After about 30 minutes, I opened the front door and saw that the ghost was no longer there. I then ran and got dressed and by this time my girlfriend had returned. I told her what had happened. We didn't see him anymore until it rained again. For some reason, that's the only time we felt his presence. I also found out from the man who built our house that after digging our basement, he had seen and described the same ghost to us. He figured it was a soldier who died and never crossed over. Since we sold the house, four families have occupied that residence, but only for a short while each. By the way, the house was 20 miles from Appomattox, Virginia, sitting on Civil War battleground.

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