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Witness: Robbie Newman
Location: Springfield, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: March 22, 2003

During production of Ghost Hunters, Inc. Presents: The Graveyard Shift I had one of the worst feelings of my life. I was out with GHI shooting a documentary and the last stop of the night was in an abandoned church established around 1834. Jason Gowin, one of the researchers explained the church's past as we walked through the churchyard, trying hard not to trip over large, ancient headstones as it was almost 1 AM and very dark. Once inside, we all stood quietly in the dark, musky church deciding what the next step would be. As Greg Newkirk, the head of GHI began talking, he was interrupted by the sound of shuffling in the upper balcony. What started as shuffling, turned into the sound of foot steps running and stomping up and down the balcony. As the group stood in amazement while I documented the strange noises, the sound stopped. Continuing on our investigation of the church, we were interrupted several more times by the footsteps in the balcony. Soon after that stopped for the last time, Jason began requesting that whatever presence was there would show itself to me and the members of GHI. Sometimes in a demanding tone and other times jokingly, various members asked for the spirit(s) to appear in true form. After about 30 minutes inside the church, we were about to give up for the rest of the evening. Just as GHI gave it one last try to summon a spirit, something happened. The temperature in the church dropped a noticeable amount sending chills up my spine. At this point I was ready to leave when the members noticed something "floating" down the stairs of the raised pulpit. What first appeared as fog, began to take the shape of what looked like several people. Jason demanded that they continue to show themselves and offered to help them. I stood in front of the rest of the group with my camera capturing this "cloud of souls" as that was the only way I could describe it. Suddenly, without warning, I felt pressure around my neck, and my airway closing, I started coughing hysterically and gasping for air. We made our way toward the exit, as I was yelling for us to leave… once outside of the church was when I finally was able to breath again. Some weeks later, that portion of our footage was reviewed by several specialists in the paranormal field and all came to the conclusion that I had been attacked, claiming that the infrared of my camera, and also me being closest to this being was the cause of it. To this day, I still have nightmares of waking up inside the church all alone. I will never go into the church again. On more recent treks to the church, GHI members have recorded some amazing, yet haunting EVP inside the walls of the church, so far, they have identified 3 different voices, one being of German decent. My belief though, is that with all the activity and reportings that have been established by people living near the church who see lights on and figures walking among the cemetery outside the church… it should forever be left to rest in peace.

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