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A Door Opens by Frank Grace
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Witness: Sarah
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Date of Encounter: June 1, 2006

I’ve had many different encounters, but one specifically bothered me as a child.

Even though I came from a very religious family, I was always very science oriented. I was 13 and trying to figure out what I thought about life. One night while I was asleep, I heard my bedroom door open slightly. I was facing away from the door, but I could see the light enter the room. It was blocked like someone was standing in the doorway. Quietly the figure entered my room. I didn’t think anything of it. My mom and dad would often check on me at night. Usually they would kiss my head and leave. I always pretended to be asleep.

I laid there for what felt like two or three minutes. I could still feel someone behind me and I never heard anyone walk out. I thought it was really odd so I stopped pretending and turned over. As soon as I turned on my back I was paralyzed. A dark shadow was standing over me and I was unable to move or speak. I was terrified, but I closed my eyes and prayed. When I opened them, the figure was gone and I immediately ran to my parents’ room. I was never scared of anything, so my parents were really concerned when their 13 year-old wanted to sleep with them. My dad checked the house, but found nothing.

I didn’t think much about it until it happened again, and again. This went on for months, but I was stubborn and refused to believe anything was really there. I hadn’t told anyone about it for fear of being called crazy, but I have a very understanding family so I decided to discuss what was happening at dinner one night.

I have three older sisters and we’ve all had the “big” room in the house at some point. I told everyone about what I had been experiencing and as I went on I watched all of their faces go white. When I finished, all of my sisters said that the same thing happened to them in that room. None of them had ever told anyone.

We went on to share stories and realized that all of us had a dream that there was a fiery pit in the doorway of the room. One of my sisters was so afraid of the dream that she would refuse to walk out of the room at night and would pee on the bedroom floor instead of walking across the “pit.” She blamed it on the dog and no one knew it was her.

I’ve had the dark figure experience a few times since I’ve gotten older. I realized that if I told it that it couldn’t hurt me, it went away faster.

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