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Witness: E.M. Ritter
Location: Guthrie, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: November 1988

I worked at a local fast food restaurant, on the AM shift. Around 10 AM every day I took a meal break prior to the lunch rush. Another employee "Michael" was stocking for the lunch shift and we were chatting with each other.

I should let you know that there were only three ways into the back rooms of the restaurant, all three ways were through coded locked doors. You could exit without the codes, but not enter the back area without the codes.

I was seated with my back to the service door and there was a short service hall behind me to my left with a coded door at the other end.

"Michael" was facing that hall when I heard clearly a female voice say "Excuse me, Ma'am." I looked at "Michael" and he was completely white and shaking.

I leaned back and there was no one in the hall, but I mentally "saw" a slight young woman around the age of 20 in a Victorian style dress with puffed sleeves and a high collar. I "saw" all of her except her feet.

Michael immediately stated that if I mentioned this to anyone he would deny it. He quit two days later.

I continued to "see" and hear the young lady for the next few months that I worked there, always in the service hall area. I still do not know who she is, but when I mention her to others in our town they tell me not to talk about her, or they change the subject. 

So who was she? And why did she choose that moment in time to contact me, a stranger to the community? I still do not know, but I keep hoping she will contact me again so, just perhaps she will tell me who she is.

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