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Witness: Leonard
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date of Encounter: February 2001

I have heard a lot of ghost/spirit encounters by my friends but I was not completely convinced. But then I had my encounter.

It happened to me in my room as I was sleeping. Around 2-3 AM I suddenly felt my arms go numb and I felt like something was pulling from on top of me (I was lying on my back). I opened my eyes and saw a figure with long hair and white clothing, but without a face.

Within a second the figure disappeared in front of my eyes. I was shocked for a few minutes. At first it felt like I was dreaming, but it was so real. I couldn't sleep after that and I started to say the Lord's Prayer for bout 15 minutes and I finally dozed off.

I never told anyone about this experience except one of my friends. This friend of mine has the ability to see spirits and he communicates with them all of the time. He said he was sure that what I saw wasn't a dream as he felt like he was dreaming too every time he encountered such situations. I really couldn't understand this as I have an altar and Crosses around the house. I welcome feed back.

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