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2001 Encounters:

Forest Park Cemetery

Chris, Mechanicville, New York, Summer, 2000

Here's everything I can remember, first we went looking for Forest Park, which at the time we thought was called Oakwood--many people commonly mistake it for Pinewood or Oakwood cemetery--we went into the larger cemetery behind the Stewart's, I think it's the one called Pinewood. I'm not sure, that's what I've been told--we walked around in this rather large cemetery for about 30 minutes to an hour, well nothing happened at all in there. Then we wandered down a side road and came to a small portion in the back of Pinewood, it was closed by a separate gate perhaps another cemetery, we went in through a hole in the wrought iron fence.

This cemetery was really weird, all grown over, weeds and grass up to our knees, and the graves were extremely close to one another as if the people were buried in an upright position. Only one thing happened here, we made our way to the back of it then headed out--the event was small and happened on the way out--we all heard this weird deep breathing to our left, sounded too weird to be human, kind of like the sounds the movies portray as demons, no one said anything, and we all kind of hurried out, later that night I mentioned it to my cousin and he said he heard it, and asked my friend Chris who was there the next day and he heard it too. Now we go to Forest Park, it was a pain to find, but we managed to.

My first time in Forest Park not too much happened, we all saw some weird shadow that seemed to move next to the mausoleum so we all ran out, and I just read on some sites that a lot of people see it. The anomaly is quite small, others claim, it's a shadow--like two feet tall--that moves too fast to be human. From what I witnessed it was definitely not an animal--I've lived in a very wooded place for most of my life and tend to know what's an animal and what's not. 

My second time in Forest Park was during the day and nothing happened. We walked all the trails through the woods and looked at all the graves, basically so we knew the layout for later that night. That night we went back, each time we've gone it was between 1 am and 2 am, from what people tell me that is the most likely times for paranormal activity.

On this trip it was me, two friends both named Chris, and my cousin Justin. We were more then halfway to the mausoleum when my legs froze. Out of the corner of my eye I saw several pure white human-like figures running around me. My hands locked up and where crushing Chris' shoulders. We stayed in a tight group, and my friends had to basically carry me out because my legs were just locked and I couldn't move them. I waited at the front gate when they went back in after they got me out, I was watching my friends in there, they went down a trail to the right--I could tell because they had the flashlights on.

I heard a weird female voice behind me, I looked around and there was nothing, then I saw the lights rush out of the trail and regroup by the mausoleum. We yelled to each other about the strange voice, the weird thing is I heard it coming from behind me, they were on the trail in the cemetery facing me and heard it coming from behind them--that's why they ran.

I was watching my friends as they talked and planned to go further in to the cemetery. They were shining the flashlights on each other as they talked but there was nothing holding the flash lights from what I saw, just the lights suspended. Then to my left I saw a figure that looked so real, like I could literally walk in and touch it, it looked like a kid, extremely pale, it walked behind a small tree and disappeared. The tree was no more then two inches thick. I mistook the figure for my cousin at first and yelled to him. My cousin responded but his voice was from the other side by the mausoleum where they still stood.

After my cousin's camera took a picture by itself the group hauled out of there right passed me. I asked them what happened and they just yelled "run!" I ran and caught up with them, we hurried to the car we parked down the road and sped away into troy.

Yes, I will go back...although I don't know why, it scares the hell out of me but I've always been interested in ghosts and I seem to be drawn to it for that reason.

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