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WESTPORT, CT – The Smoking Gun Research Agency (SGRA,, Connecticut’s largest paranormal research organization, is proud to announce the Eighth-Annual Paranormal Conference (ParaCon), which will be held from Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18, at the Howard Johnson in Milford, Connecticut. 

The SGRA is a non-profit, scientific based organization, and holds the ParaCon every summer in an effort to increase the public understanding of the paranormal, unexplained, and other related topics. Each year the organization invites several of the leading researchers from around the country to present their findings and discuss their work. 

This year’s returning guests are John Zaffis, Stacey Jones, Stephen Wagner, Jeff Belanger, Nick Roesler, and Diane Bajorinas. New guests are Dr. Jimmy & Heather Lowery, Chris Moon, and David Twichell. In addition, SGRA Director Jon Nowinski, who normally hosts the event, will also be presenting. Information about these guests is available on the SGRA Web site or by emailing the organization. 

The return this year of the ParaDinner on Friday evening is a great way for guests to enjoy a complete dinner, and great conversation, with ParaCon’s wonderful speakers. There have been many new events added to this year’s ParaCon, including a used book sale, book discussion and signing (many of our guests are published authors as well), information tables, a social event on Saturday evening where individuals can mix and mingle with the speakers, and much more. There will also be a “Paranormal Museum,” which will provide visitors with a glimpse in to the archives of the SGRA. 

General Admission to the ParaCon is free; however tickets must be purchased for the ParaDinner and for the social event. Tickets for the ParaDinner are available through the SGRA Web site and cost $40.00. Tickets for the social event are $5.00 and can be purchased at the door or through the Web site. Information about tickets and packages can also be found at the SGRA Web site. 

For complete information about the ParaCon please visit the SGRA Web site at or contact with your questions. 

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