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Witness: Leann
Location: My Home
Date of Encounter: March 2012

I think I just had my first “doppelganger” incident. Well, at least, my daughter did.

I was home last night with my daughter, who is seven years old. I was watching TV in the living room while she played in her room. She walked out to me in the living room looking pretty nervous and I asked her what was wrong.

My daughter then told me she seen me in the hallway watching her. This “me” that she saw just quietly stared at her while she was played with toys on her bed.

I told her I’d been sitting on the couch the whole time. She told me then she knew I’d been sitting on the couch but she’d seen me standing in the hallway right outside her room. I was really confused. She again told me she knew I was on the couch but she’d seen me in the hall. I asked her if I was wearing the same clothes and she said that I wasn’t. My doppelganger was wearing a white t-shirt with paint splattered on it and some black sweat pants. Yesterday, I was wearing a green t-shirt and hot pink pants. Anyway, needless to say, I’m kinda weirded out about all of this!

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