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Witness: Janice
Location: Idaho and California
Date of Encounter: November 27, 2010

It all started when my daughter passed away.

We told the funeral director that we wanted her to be cremated. She wanted to be cremated in what she was wearing at the time she passed, including whatever jewelry had on.

Well, it was the day she was to be cremated when I found in her room the jewelry that she was wearing at the time of her passing . This freaked me out.

Then, we were in California with plans to stay in my mother-in-law’s house as she was in the nursing home and her house had sat empty for two years. Anyway, the phone rang right when we opened the door. I told my husband to answer it. He didn’t.

Then, a few days passed and the phone rang again. I answered it but there was nothing but silence on the other end. I had this weird feeling that is was my daughhter, so I said, “I love you and miss you very much.” Then the phone hung up.

Two days later, the phone rang again and my son answered it. The same thing happened. There was nothing but silence on the other end, but my son said the same things I did.

Well, this kept happening.

At some point, I gave my friend the phone number and told her to call me back because my cell phone was charging. She dialed that number, apparently, but then called me back once my cell phone had charged. She said that when she called the number I gave her, it was disconnected! I called the house number from my cell phone and, would you believe it, my friend was right! We later learned that the phone had been disconnected for two years. The phone ringing stopped once all of us in the family had answered and told my daughter that we loved her.

Then, even more miracously, a picture with my daughter’s name in blue with a feather appeared in my Facebook. This is another strange yet unexplainable thing.

There is more to share but my tears are getting the best of me.

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