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Demonic Photo by Alicia Lopez
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Witness: Alicia Lopez
Location: Lincolnshire, England, UK
Date of Encounter: November 5, 2011

This picture was taken on Bonfire Night. I had taken two photos using the camera on my phone. The first Photo was taken of my two Daughters who sat on a log all wrapped up watching the fireworks. I then took the second photo. The Size of the bonfire was quite impressive so I took the picture. After taking a photo on my phone, it then shows the picture you have just taken straight away and gives you options to delete etc. When I looked at the second photo I had to double take looking at it over and over again! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This looks to me like a demon/devil/evil figure. The eye holes are clear, the arm raised in the air, even the hand and the fingers are so detailed coming out of the ground. No filters, no editing, no touch ups — this is the original image.

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