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Home Encounters Dark Shadows and Strange Smells

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Witness: Kay Moore
Location: Manheim, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: September 5, 2010

It was about 11 P.M., I had just got into bed and turned on the TV, and after about 5 minutes,
the TV turned off by itself and the telephone rang one time. It then felt like someone put their
arm under my pillow and my head and shoulders were lifted up about 20 inches or so. I then yelled, “Oh God!” and I was instantly dropped.

Another time I woke up in the middle of the night and smelled a strong smell of urine. It was so strong smelling that I thought I had peed myself so I jumped out of bed and checked, but I hadn’t. I then went to the bathroom to pee and I saw a puddle of some liquid on the floor in front of the closet door. There was no reason for liquid to be there. I got paper towels to clean it up, and you could smell that it was strong urine. This worried me, I thought, “Did I do this in my sleep?” It happened again a few nights later with the strong urine smell and urine on the floor at the same spot. Sometimes I would get a whiff of urine throughout the day. I ask a friend that came over to smell me and tell me if I smelled like urine, and I didn’t. I told him what was happening, and a few days later he brought me a book. He said read the back of it and when I did I started crying because it said if you smell urine in your house for no reason that you have a demon in your house.

Some people told me they saw a black shadow in my dinning room and some other weird stuff would go on from time to time. What got me was this was a new house that I had built. I sold it after living there for five years. I was very careful not to talk about moving because I did not want this thing coming with me. At one time I did demand it to leave, and things did settle down somewhat after that, but I always felt like someone was watching me. It creaped me out when I would take a bath.

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  1. I had the same encounter last night. yesterday my manager and I were talking about the 2 ghosts in her house and she thinks one of them is evil…I knew she had one ghost since we talked about it a few months ago but was unaware she had a second one til she brought it up yesterday. Keep in mind, that night after the first time we had ever talked about ghosts, I saw her ghost standing in the doorway at my home. This was confirmed when I described to ghost to her the following day. It was a tall thin black figure wearing a cloak. This one didn’t appear evil to me, michevious but not evil. In fact, the ghost was telling me that I should tell my manager to break up with her bfn and that he was bad. I ignored his request since I du didn’t think it was my place to tell my manager what she should do in her personal life. That weekend though,she and her bf got in a huge fight and he had hit her. So I suspect the first ghost isn’t evil since ultimately the ghost doesn’t want to see my manager to get hurt. Naturally, similar to my experience with the first ghost, I saw the second ghost we had talked about later that night (last night). This second one I’m not too sure about just because I smelled farts and asked my sig other if he had farted. He hadn’t. The en energy I felt from this one was different than the first….to the point where I felt creeped out and I’m hardly ever creeped out by the several spirits or ghosts I have sensed….many are rather nice actually….I also suspect this second one may not be so good from what my manager told me…she started seeing these ghosts after she played with a oijie board as a kid, she mentioned this ghost pulling her hair, and last night, her dog was growling at her closet where sitting on top of her to protect her…so I’ve lucky not to have any major demon encounters til possibly now….anything I can do to nip this in the butt before things could possibly get seriously bad? Thanks

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