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Home Encounters Dancing Orbs of Light Above the House

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Witness: Jaime
Location: Kingstree, South Carolina
Date of Encounter: October 17, 1994

The alien/ghosts/something scary thing happened back in 1994, sometime in October. My husband and I were staying at my in-law’s farm house right outside of Kingstree, South Carolina, while our daughter was in the NICU in Florence. We had been there almost 5 weeks and were enjoying the country life. It was approaching dusk and my sister-in-law and I were in the house cooking dinner and enjoying light conversation. Our husbands had gone out into the woods on 4-wheelers and had been gone awhile. We heard them racing back across a field, the engines were full throttle, and they were shouting. My sister-in-law went to the front door to find out what the excitement was. I was still in the back of the house but could hear them screaming to get out of the house. The men were screaming, freaked out panic screams. I thought maybe the house was on fire and we didn’t know. My husband got to me before I got to him, he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of the house. My brother-in-law was already hustling my sister-in-law up the driveway. We followed behind them and I kept trying to get answers. We got around 100 feet from the house and stopped under a large pecan tree. I was still asking questions as the men were clearly shaken up and I was jacketless and shoeless and not having fun. My husband grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around toward the house. I stopped talking.

There were lights. Orbs. Balls of light that weren’t quite round but weren’t oval. They were hard to stare directly at because they didn’t have clearly defined edges. Like the inside of them was a solid but they were surrounded by a mist. Like the outside was a fuzzy layer. They weren’t white, but they weren’t yellow. They were big, even from where we were standing they looked to be around 4 feet long and another 2 or 3 feet high. There were 5 of them. When I think back to that day I have a hard time counting them in my mind because of the movement, I’m almost 100% sure there were only 5. They didn’t float, they almost danced. They were going around the house in an up and down motion. In some rhythm that seemed soothing. I wasn’t soothed, I was panicking. I think I was the only one with a clear mind at that point.

My husband told me that they had been way out in the woods and had seen them in the distance. They thought they were swamp gas and didn’t think anything of it. As they came back toward the house they realized that they were moving in a circular motion, and that they were moving toward the house. They came out of the woods and were on the other side of the sweet potato field when they realized that the lights were headed toward the house. When they pulled up to the house the lights were still close but were not at the house yet.

We all stood under that pecan tree and stared. I couldn’t come up with an explanation in my mind, but I found myself silently watching those orbs dance around the upper floors of the house in that up and down pattern. All of a sudden they went up in the air, well above the tree tops, shot off to the left, and went completely out of sight. There was a shocked pause and I found myself saying we needed to call the police. Before I could finish my sentence the lights appeared in the distance and came back just as fast as they had disappeared. They returned to us but not the house. They were above us, dancing around the giant pecan tree. I looked up to watch them winding through the limbs. They were dancing/circling in the same pattern as before. They were hitting the limbs enough to cause pecans to fall. We were suddenly being pelted with pecans. Not a few pecans, it seemed like every pecan in the tree was coming down. I could hear twigs and branches breaking, but I didn’t get hit by anything but pecans.

We ran halfway back to the house. We stopped because I was freaking out at this point. I didn’t want to go back in the house and I didn’t want to stay outside. I was the only one losing it. My husband was saying “maybe it’s lights from the airport, the airport is over that way” and pointing in the direction the lights had gone to and rapidly come back from. My brother-in-law was still talking about swamp gas. I interrupted them both to remind them that swamp gas couldn’t and wouldn’t fly away and back at such a speed, and that airport lights wouldn’t knock pecans out of a tree. We started to argue about what to do and my sister-in-law interrupted all of us and said “I don’t care what it is. It isn’t bothering us and we shouldn’t bother it.” Then she headed back to the house.

We all followed her back inside. I couldn’t convince my husband to take me anywhere else and they all disagreed with calling the police. They put in a VHS copy of 8 Seconds, poured drinks, and rolled a joint. I went back to the front door a few times to watch and even cracked the door open. I could still hear a few pecans falling and the tree shaking with the orbs dancing through the upper limbs. I was killing their buzz and my husband demanded I come back to the living room and stop stressing. He pointed out that whatever it was, it was outside and we were inside.

I smoked with them, which was calming, and then sat by a window and started to watch the movie. At some point I looked out the window and up and noticed the lights were again circling the house. They were still moving in the up and down dancing way. I realized at that point, through the haze of marijuana, that they were floating along in a relaxing way. The rhythm was nice. Each one was not going down where the last one went down and each one was not going up where the last one went up. They were in a pattern but the pattern was changing as they circled the house. I remember thinking that they could come in through the windows on the second floor and get us. That was my last thought as I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up in a panic. My memory of the night before was very clear and I was not content to go on with my life like it hadn’t happened. Everyone else was nonchalant about it and acting like I was a spaz. It was some great mystery and it didn’t need any further evaluation. I went outside and every pecan had been knocked out of the tree. There was a huge circle of them around the base. I walked through them, they were inches thick. I looked back at the house and wondered about the lights, where they had come from, what they were, what they meant, and who was really going to protect me in the future. I went back in and packed my things, demanded my husband do the same, and we left. We went back home to North Myrtle Beach and made a daily drive to Florence instead of staying at the farm house.

I visited there many times after that, but never stayed the night again. I never even stayed again after dark. My sister-in-law later told me a story about 5 people being buried on the property, but it didn’t sit well with me. She was trying to convince me that it was okay to stay because my husband wanted to spend a long weekend there and I refused. I think that they would have been more concerned with what was happening if they hadn’t been high before the lights arrived. I was the only one that was completely sober when it happened. It broke my resolve and I did smoke and drink that night and I regretted that too. It made me angry at my husband, who is now my ex. I don’t want to live a numb life, and they were surely living it.

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