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Witness: Lyssa
Location: Queens, New York
Date of Encounter: April 3, 1993

I have two incidents to tell you about. I was nine months pregnant with my first daughter and on the day of her birth I experienced something that was strange. It was about 3:30 in the morning on March 22, 1993. I suddenly awoke with a weird feeling. I sat up from the bed and sat there a little dazed. I looked toward my closet which did not have a door. As I looked toward the closet I saw a black shadow — a big, black mass hovering in the closet — it appeared to have wings. I stared at the closet for awhile without moving. I must have dozed off, but was awoken again by some kind of feeling I had. I started having sharp pains so I was rushed to the hospital and my daughter was born. There was a nurse there and I tried to tell her what had happen to me and she something odd. She told me, "I know dear, you must protect yourself." I asked to see that nurse to talk to her, but it seemed no nurse of that description worked on the maternity floor.

I was staying at my mother's house with my daughter and that night everyone went to bed about 11 PM, so after I went to sleep also. About 2:45 AM, I woke up but I couldn't get up, I was paralyzed. The only thing I could move was my eyes, then the fear started to set in as I started to see dark shadows flying over my daughter's bassinet, but I couldn't get up. It was like pressure on my chest. I couldn't scream — only in my head I could hear myself yell, "Get away from her! Get away!" But nothing came out. I stared praying — they just keep flying all around the room. Then all of a sudden they were gone and the pressure I felt was lifted. I sprinted up so fast I tripped over myself. I grabbed my baby, turned on the lights, and I stood up for the rest of the night.

Since then I have experienced little things through the course of my life.

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