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30 Odd Minutes - Paranormal Television Talk Show.
Description: In Episode 41 we overcome a few technical difficulties and our host’s cold to bring you alien abductee and Fire in the Sky author, Travis Walton. On November 5, 1975, a group of loggers working in the mountains of northeastern Arizona saw a strange, unusually bright light in the sky. One of the men, Travis Walton, left the safety of his truck to check it out. As he walked toward the light he was blasted back by a mysterious bolt of energy. His fellow loggers left in fear to get help. For five days authorities mounted a massive manhunt for Walton’s body. When he was found, Travis was disoriented and unable to tell the whole story of his encounter. His book, Fire in the Sky, is one of the best-documented accounts of an alien abduction to-date. In 1993 Paramount studios made the book into a movie starring James Garner, Robert Patrick, and D.B. Sweeney… in Episode 41, Travis Walton is all your, Oddballs.

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