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Witness: Alex Torp
Location: Oslo, Norway
Date of Encounter: October 15, 1989

I am 33-year-old Norwegian. When it comes to the area of ghosts and other paranormal activity, I am a pretty firm believer keenly interested in most theories and stories that are unexplainable, and most stuff science refuses to get into for various reasons, mainly, I guess because this is something our Western culture doesn't bother wasting any time with. Anyways, I have, I would say, at least one valid reason for believing in ghosts, and this is because of my personal experience. I am not a very spiritual person regarding the aspect of drawing this kind of activity to me. And maybe it is important to point out that I have only a more than average interest for this stuff than normal, and would consider myself a "newbie." I am now kind of just trying to finally figure out and get some kind of name for my experience. I find a lot of the stuff online to be pretty "uhm?," and doesn't give me any specific answer to it, but I will just tell the one experience I had.

I was about 12-13 years-old and staying at home as normal kids do with my mum and dad. This was an just ordinary evening in our house which is not haunted in any way. My Dad worked as a doctor at the local hospital and was at the time on daily "callings," meaning that whenever someone had a heart attack, the hospital would call him, and he would rush away. This was not an usual thing to happen. Anyways, my routine at the time was that I usually put on a movie before my bed-time, and just after my mum and dad had gone to sleep. This was my favorite thing to do, and favorite period of the day as well. So this normal evening I had just launched into one of my video-sessions and chilled in the living room area. After about 20 minutes I heard my dad coming into the hallway that comes from the sleeping room area, and also leads into the living room area. And this is what I consider to be a little freaky, at least in my older retrospect. As with any normal reflection I would turn around from my video and have a look into the hallway. There I saw my dad walking by, as clear as the sky is blue, walking, and on into the kitchen. I guess my thought at the second was, "He is just getting a glass of water before running to the hospital." I then turn around and continued my video session. But after maybe 5-10 minutes I naturally started to think, "Why isn't he coming out from the kitchen, leaving the house, or something?" I then went to have look, just to find out that there was nobody there. I remember thinking, "This is odd." But I went back to my movie, and probably a couple of hours later, I was sound asleep.

My first question the following morning to my dad was, "What happened with you yesterday, didn't the hospital call in a "emergency?" In which he replied, "Nope, after we went to sleep yesterday your mum and I slept like babies until now." Then it occurred to me that I did see him walk by the hallway last night. I would like to point out also that I was at the time as mentioned about 12-13, meaning there was no alcohol or illegal substances involved, I was a kid, a stubborn one, I knew what I saw.

Now more than 20 years have passed, and just now and then occasionally I have tried to figure it out, but to no avail. The closest I have come to an explanation is that similar or such things do happen to many people. It has a name that I have forgotten, it's associated within families and what I did not like to hear was that they happened as a sign, a sign of near death. I cannot recall now whether I did have any death within my family at that time, but there might be a chance that it actually occurred just before my grandfather passed away (my dad's dad). It's just a question I have never asked my mum or dad. After by accident snooping around on the Net, I came over to this site, found it both serious, mature, and professional enough to actually write you an email like I do now. I would just like an answer that is truthful, because I really believe that this stuff happens to a lot of people.

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