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Witness: Vicky
Location: Sussex, England
Date of Encounter: July, 2008

My mother was in the hospital dying of cancer. Before she was admitted, she told me to make sure her bedroom curtains stayed open. This sounds strange but she hated having them drawn.

I had a dream a few weeks later. My mum said to me in the dream, "Shall I give you a gift?" When I woke up I thought, that wasn't my mum — that was my grandmother.

When I went into mum's bedroom at the house, I found that her curtains were drawn and I knew that I had not done it! I then went to the hospital with my sister. Our mother said, "Where's my mum? She's been in and out all morning."

Later when I got home, I heard what sounded like a Geiger Counter and then I got this amazing feeling that the room was full of people! Some would say I was imagining it but I felt that it was my father and other friends and family who had passed on.

A few weeks later, we brought mum home to die as that was her wish. She was sleeping two hours before her actual death. I was taking a break with my sister when I saw a huge red orb — just for a second. My sister also heard a clicking sound like a Geiger Counter.

I have since read that a red light is a death omen sometimes called a corpse light. I personally feel that it is an angel coming to take a soul away.

Soon after my mum's death, both me and my sister felt things like someone blowing on our necks. Sometimes, my sister felt someone playfully poking her in the ribs!

The only scary thing that happened was I started hearing scratching sounds in the walls. They seemed to go all the way around the room. This happened for about a week and it was something that I had never experienced before at that house.

I read somewhere that you can tell them to stop so I did that. I said, "Mum, if that's you, can you find another way of making your presence known as scratching noises just freaks me out!"

It stopped! I don't know if it was my mum's spirit or my mind making it happen as I was grieving. I have always experienced spirits, but to me this whole thing took away my fear of dying. I am positive that my deceased loved ones came to pick up mum's soul. I also think that they came to me that one time to comfort me.

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