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Chinese Home Remedies: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom For Self-healing by Lihua WangChinese Home Remedies: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom For Self-healing
By Lihua Wang
Publisher: New Page Books (July 2005)
Pages: 320 – Price: $17.99

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Lihua Wang has written a most interesting book, including an A to Z listing of ailments and their remedies. Essentially, this is a fine book about self-healing. It is clearly written, concise, and straight-forward in approach.

For instance, there are a couple of fine examples concerning male impotence and female infertility. Some interesting massage techniques are detailed, and what not to eat or drink, and what to eat and drink. An example of one daily massage technique for male impotence shows how clearly details and explanations are presented to the reader: “Place your right palm on the root of the testicles. Lift testicles and penis up a bit. Use your left palm to gently press the area right below the belly button. Meanwhile constrict the sphincter muscles of the anus. Repeat 20 times." (page 172.) Food, herbs, and related information are given.

This is a fascinating, well-written book. There is much to learn. It is enjoyable reading.

For those interested in other information, the author maintains her popular Web site. It is found at www.chinesehomeremedies.com

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