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Witness: Su Hall
Location: Florida
Date of Encounter: April 1, 2009

My 12 year old mixed breed dog, Chelsea, was such a good girl. Her presence was pure enjoyment. So, when she suddenly passed away one spring day, it was devastating.

In the days after my Chelsea left I would look for her. I talk to my pets, so I would look to sing to her or say something. But she wasn’t there. Then, after several days, I would hear her walking. I would catch the shadow of her walking through the laundry room. At night, while in bed, I would feel her walking around to get more comfy. Only after I realized it couldn’t be her did I begin to believe she was still with me, if only in spirit.

To this day, I feel Chelsea around me. I have since been given another, younger and more rowdy, pup. But, that doesn’t matter. When things are quiet, and I least expect it, my Chelsea will come and nudge me to say, “Hi!”

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