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Witness: Cassandra
Location: Newell/Fonda, Iowa
Date of Encounter: January 1, 2007

I went up to my grandma's to visit her and my step aunt and uncle were there. They are the same ages as me, basically. Her house had been haunted for years ever since we were all little. They have had many encounters over time. I didn't believe that the ghost was still there, so I challenged it. I started calling its name at the foot of the stairs. I knocked on the walls when it would knock at me, I would ask it questions, and go up to where it was. Well, I finally stopped cause I knew it was getting mad so I went with my grandma and we went to the computer and we were looking at different things online. I was sitting on the floor near the stairway and next thing I know I'm being pulled down by my shirt and I could feel wind as if someone would run past you. After that just happened, maybe a second later, me and my grandmother heard it moaning up the stairs. I still go to her house and I'm not scared 'cause I grew up with them I just thought it was a different encounter.

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