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Witness: Frances and the AfterDark Investigations Team
Location: Bardstown, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: May 20, 2006

Click on image to see video – 5.4 MB.
Ghost Video

AfterDark Paranormal Investigations captured this apparition at a private graveyard in Bardstown, Kentucky. The owner of the property had contacted us previously stating a visitor had seen a lady ghost walking around the graveyard during the day on her property. The graveyard is located right next to her house. We did our first investigation there and had only gotten some EVP and a few orbs, but we felt that another investigation was needed. So on May 20, 2006, our investigator went back and set up in the graveyard and then left the area. This particular cemetery is the final resting place to a famous politician's family.

The graves here date back to the early 1800s. The original family member is buried between his two wives, one who was white, and the other who was black. I cannot release the names due to confidentiality of the property owners. We believe this apparition to be of a little girl named Molly whose parents died in the mid 1800s and are buried here. We also believe she may be buried here too, but we are not positive of this. There are a few graves that are not marked. The homeowner recently uncovered more grave markers in the same area. We have attached an EVP that was captured that night also.

Click on image to hear the EVP (requires sound) – 185 KB.
electronic voice phenomena (EVP)

"Molly, go get doggie."


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