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From the Producers: What do you do when things go ‘BUMP’ in the night, when you hear voices in empty rooms? How do you cope when you’re too unnerved to talk about it?

This story is about your search for answers and the people who will help you find the explanations you deserve…

A cable television production company is developing a new documentary program about Haunted Houses across the United States. The Producers would like to meet families or couples who are suffering from unexplained paranormal experiences in their homes. The Producers are also interested in speaking with local paranormal organizations about their active cases.

Each episode of this new program will feature teams of paranormal investigators and mediums who will investigate active hauntings. Through the combined skills of these groups, the homeowners will experience a full spectrum of analysis about why each disturbance is occurring (paranormal or otherwise.) The teams will provide answers and relief to these families along with a means of dealing with the paranormal occurrences.

If you are interested in learning more, please send an email to including the following information:

Your Name:
Your City and State:
Your Organization’s name (if applicable):
Email or phone number where you may be contacted:

Please share 1-2 stories about the unexplained occurrences, including a brief summary of the people currently residing in the home (i.e. a couple with 2 kids or a grandmother, daughter, and grandson with pets, etc.)

Also, please tell us a little history about your home and whether a paranormal group has ever investigated the space or grounds.

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