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Witness: Jennifer
Location: Oakwood, Illinois
Date of Encounter: Summer 1984

I wanted to share with you an occurrence that convinced me that there is more to this world than what we can see. I was merely seven years old growing up in a typical turn of the century home in the Midwest. I can recall many happenings that made me fearful. Being a small child, that is typical. It was not until I began having very odd occurrences like someone rubbing my back when I was lying in bed half asleep, turning and expecting mom, only to find no one was there! Oftentimes when I would be lying in bed there were odd noises in the kitchen when no one was up. Scary as some of those encounters were, nothing could have prepared me for what happened one summer evening.

It was a beautiful sunny evening. At that time, only one of my brothers stilled lived at home, and he was gone for the day. My parents were in the garage playing ping-pong with friends and visiting. I had been outside playing and went in to retrieve any young girls favorite — Barbies! I had brought a few out with me and went back in a few moments later to get some wardrobe changes. I walked into my room like I had just prior, and as I flipped the light on I was astounded! My room was ransacked! Certainly my room was not perfectly clean, but things were in disarray. I mean totally turned over. A desk was flipped and the typewriter which did not work (did not have type writer ribbon) had been strategically placed in the entrance way — oddly enough it had a typed paper sticking up from it. In shock and looking at my room, I bent to get read the paper. It read "I hate my brother, Timmy," which was my brother who I greatly missed and had recently moved out. I stood there only a moment and was overcome by a very odd feeling. I ran out to get mom. She was visiting a friend and was having no part of my frantic behavior. Finally after insisting, she did come into the house with me only minutes later. As we arrived at my room I came around the hall corner and saw the light was off — knowing I had not turned it off — then to my utter disbelief, the room was not in the condition I found it moments before. Things were "back to normal."

I was crying and shocked and expressed to mom what happened. She honestly did not know what to think and chalked it up to my imagination. I was terrified for months and it seems the activity was more aggressive at night at that point. I recall having very spooky, vivid dreams of a man attacking me in my room and standing there over me. I awoke night after night in screams with either mom running to me or vice versa. Little to my knowledge, being young, mom was trying to protect me. She withheld a lot of odd activity that had been taking place. She had been hearing voices calling her at night and she too was feeling threatened by the activity occurring. She kept her fears to herself.

Well, by chance one day her evangelist sister had dropped by town unexpectedly. She stopped by our home to find the house open but empty. She came in and was immediately overcome by an evil feeling. She felt very ill and left quickly before we arrived. Later she came and expressed to mom how she felt. She returned one day and felt compelled to enter my bedroom. There was a game closet in my room which held many games and among them was a Ouija board. As soon as my aunt saw this she knew that was the source of her anxiety. (I will add that, I personally being only seven had played with this game a few times as it was in my room, unaware that it was a tool to contact the other side.)

My aunt began praying and took the board outdoors. We had a burn barrel and she and mom started a fire. They placed the board in once the fire was burning well. The board would not burn, nor would it even char. The fire went out, again and again! About that time, I returned home from school and there they were around the fire… they did not explain to me why they were burning stuff when I questioned them. I knew it was odd that my aunt would be concerned that the fire would not burn. I was sent in the house. Later, I mean hours later, they were still at it. Finally, my uncle, a preacher, arrived. By that time my dad had come home for the day, too. He was about to put diesel fuel on it to try to burn it but, my uncle approached. He stood there, praying as did mom and my aunt. Next thing you know, the board more or less burst into a fire ball and was disintegrated before their eyes! Once I was older and made aware of what had actually taken place, I knew that the source of the disturbances began when I had gotten out the Ouija board! Come to find out — this Ouija board mom and dad had purchased 20 years before and had been told some devastating news which some had come true, others had nearly (loss of a cousin), but many prayers went up. Mom vowed never to "play" again after what they encountered. Apparently, leaving it in the closet was not the best idea. The good news is God is bigger than the boogie man. Please be leery — Ouija boards can lead to many hazards! Since then, I have had many odd occurrences and am well aware that there is another realm that we cannot see; both good and evil.

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