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Witness: Mia
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date of Encounter: January 31, 1980

I used to play with the Ouija Board — I was 11 years old then. I conjured up a person who said his name was Arthur. Arthur actually spent all of his time with me until I was 13 years old. From what I hear of my family telling me, I was "possessed," eyes turning green and all (they are brown). I called up something that I couldn't handle. I just remember being a young girl, sleeping and I felt a drop of water on my forehead. In my head I heard that I was baptized. 

After that, there was an "imp" in our house. This "imp" chased my brother up the stairs. And it used to snicker at my friends when they spent the night. It almost killed my sister. And then came a little girl spirit. My sister grabbed her hand once, in the crawlspace. (Not sure what she was doing in there.) 

After all of that intense time, those spirits are still in my mother's house. I have since moved out, being a grown adult with a family of my own. but I still go to my mother's house (never spent a night there since I was 17) and I feel them there. My son spent one night there, and he heard cowboy boots walking on my Mom's hard wood floor. I went into the bedroom that my son was sleeping in and he said "Mama, do you hear that?" I did. He and I got so scared, because it sounded like some cowboy just cruising around in the crawl space. I called in my husband (non-believer), I said "Do you hear that?" and he did. Whatever it was, it was pacing back and forth. And here's the trip, Since I'm Native American, my grandfather (Medicine Man) had to come to Denver to rid the house of those spirits that I conjured up. He had seen them. That's when he warned me about Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards, anything that will bring your awareness into this world. If you see well into it, you also bring in the evil. It's been many years since, but they are still there. 

To this day, I can still play the Ouija and cards. But it brings up things that I don't want to know. Luckily, I haven't brought anything to my own home. My mother says now that she will continue living with them. And unfortunately, all of the praying that my granddaddy did will not send them away.

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