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Brady's Book of Fixed Stars by Bernadette BradyBrady’s Book of Fixed Stars
By Bernadette Brady
Publisher: Weiser Books (September 1999)
Pages: 460 – Price: $29.95 review

Considered among the contemporary Bibles of astrological reference, this is a complete book on fixed stars in one single volume. Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars includes the Paran maps and star phases for over sixty stars. Innovative new insights into the natal use of fixed stars and their use in astrology is shared with the reader.

The appendices of Heliacal Rising and Acronychal Setting graphs and tables are given to help astrologers find the needed rising or setting dates for any given location. This will be invaluable for astrologers.

There is a precise listing of 176 stars with their 21st Century Ptolemaic precessed positions versus their most commonly considered positions, which are based on the Ulugh Beg methods.

Another attractive reference point for this incredible astrology text is the manner in which Brady blends modern techniques with those of Egyptian and Greek procedures. Mythology is discussed and analyzed. This reveals how a person’s full life journey through the mythology of that the star is represented.

A finely constructed and accurate book, the appendices and charts are clear, concise, and accompanied by an in-depth analysis. This is a book for astrologers that will be helpful to the beginning astrologer as well as the advanced astrologer.

For an astrological reference on fixed stars, this is one of the best written books on the market and should find a ready audience of readers. 

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