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Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Jimmy Sutton
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Date of Encounter: October 1973

I was in my Mother and Father’s bedroom by myself at about age 2 or 3. It was dark outside. My play area was near the corner next to the window. I was near the window because my Mom and Uncle were outside in the yard and I could hear their voices. I turned while I was playing with my toys and saw this object passing slowly through the air about four or feet off the ground. It was a pile of bloody bones with a skull which looked in my direction. It said nothing and made no noise.

I told my Parents about it, but they thought I was dreaming. I recently found out there’s a name for this: Bloody Bones. When I Googled it, it showed there is an occurrence of Bloody Bones from other people as well. At 2 or 3 years old I had never heard of that name, yet I remember this event, it was not my imagination. Can you help me understand it?

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