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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's column on the supernatural. I have always collected books, and my library at home is filled to capacity, plus some! Finding old art work is another interest, and I have some haunted paintings, one of which I wrote about in my book, Missouri Hauntings.

What I wish to share with you is the story of a particular book in my collection. It is among my favorites simply because it is haunted and comes from a highly haunted era of world history.

This one-of-a-kind book belonged to a man who loved reading books that covered a wide range of subjects and who collected books during his life time. He utilized either a personal book plate, signed signature, or a rubber stamp to identify his books. Known to be a rapid reader, he was also reputed to have read one to two books on a daily basis. Among his favorite writers was Karl Friedrich May (1842 – 1912) who wrote novels about the American Wild West era. Unfortunately, this man is not remembered for his wide-ranging book collection or writers he enjoyed reading, outside of the scholars and serious writers who research him. Every person has a different opinion of this man, whether it is good or bad, but never neutral.

What needs to be kept in mind about artifacts such as books is that they do retain psychic energy from their previous owner and from those who handled that artifact, if the energy residue is strong enough. It depends on the individual. The man who owned this book and kept it in his home library was a curious man, capable of strong feelings and certainly capable of leaving energy residue behind him. Literate and possessing a photographic memory, this man read with avid pleasure.

Holding this slender green cloth bound book, a touch sensitive can tell things about it. There are certainly things revealed about the original owner of this book, and the book has a positive feel to it.

As to books, and other artifacts, this is not the first book of its kind to recall its original owner. There are many, many such artifacts in existence, and psychic documentations of their energy residue are found in various writings.

Adolf HitlerSee the two photos below. This book is from the personal library of Adolf Hitler, salvaged from his home at Berghof, Germany in 1945. Hitler spent most of his happy times at the Berhoff. Be aware that all artifacts have a past, and this one contains Adolf Hitler’s energy residue, and his actual fingerprints from his having touched the pages. Is it possible he left behind a blood trace of his DNA from a small finger cut? Did his hand perspiration touch the cloth material of this hardcover book?

Adolf Hitler's bookYou, too, will leave your energy residue on the present objects you possess, which in turn will become paranormal artifacts of the past, as a paranormal investigator uncovers your connection to that artifact. Think about this the next time you find an old book, spoon, figurine, hunting knife, gun, antique button, key, unearthed coin, doll, or American Civil War item. Artifacts from the past do tell their story, and so do items from the present.

The past is the present, always there to be re-discovered again. I have other artifacts, and one of them is an antique door knob which covers over a hundred years of usage by my family on both sides of my family. But that is another story for another time.

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