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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.Ghosts are intriguing in more ways than one! Some ghosts make for memorable and enjoyable encounters. Some ghosts make for scary and stressful encounters. 

Each individual has the ability to sense the presence of a ghost, yet very few have the skill developed to do so. It can be something as direct and simple as the proverbial feeling of having the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end or actually seeing and communicating with the presence.

A presence can be more than a ghost. There are as many theories as to what a presence is as there are presences! There is always the chance of ridicule. If a person encounters a presence, he or she may want to talk first with others who have had similar experiences. Do not make the mistake of going immediately to your local priest or pastor and discussing it, for you may end up next stop in the office of a psychiatrist. Although there are exceptions, my reading of the subject and discussing the subject with others has led me to believe that most contemporary psychiatrists would define the person as suffering from hallucinations or some other problem as explained in an approved book of psychiatric disorders. Yet, if all contemporary psychiatrists, priests, pastors, and clergy in general were to encounter such things, then you can imagine the approved book of psychiatric disorders would go out the window instantly. Time is on the side of paranormal research, and its honest findings.

In sociology, there is the theme of Paradoxical Perception. The most direct way to explain this theory is by showing how it works. Three people see a ghost, or witness an automobile accident. When questioned for details, each person will tend to tell a story from their perspective, that is, if one person was standing at the back and another was in front and still another was at the side, then they will give their perspective from either back, front, or side. Taken together, the three views give a full, whole photograph of what was seen, but taken separately, the paradoxical perception settles in and there is only one aspect revealed. 

In India, there is the story of Bhutesvara. In legend and myth, Bhutesvara is known as the Lord of Ghosts. His favorite haunt is the graveyard. He also visits cremation sites and is known to dance a wild dance called Tandava with imps in attendance. Every culture has its own version or versions of such happenings. Think about the many ghost tales of a ghost lord or ghost leader in different parts of the United States, think about how each story in the telling has become highly individualized. One could make a case that there is always some ghost serving as director somewhere, sometime, even if alone. It depends on perception.

There are individuals known as sensitives — those who can sense an unearthly presence when it comes near them. Some sensitives are more developed in their skills than others. Some sensitives may at one time see a presence and at another time only feel its presence. Each presence is different. Each encounter is different. 

Every sensitive is different and acts from her or his ability to communicate with a presence. It is important to remember that each presence is different, too, and comes with its own needs, perceptions, and method of contact.

A ghostly presence may be something held over from a previous time, or it may be appearing to communicate something about to happen. A sensitive does not have all the answers, but certainly can relate what is encountered, and share the experience. 

The next time you feel the prickling of the hairs on the back of you neck, don’t shake it away with a laugh, but do open yourself in a positive manner to see who and what is trying to communicate a message to you. If you sense fear, or a threat, laugh it all away and go on about your business. 

A person with a positive attitude can disintegrate the uncanny with a laugh filled with joy and happiness. Try it, it works for this sensitive. I know it for a fact!

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