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Witness: Nick
Location: Wiggins, Colorado
Date of Encounter: August 13, 1996 to present

Have you ever had an uncle die days before your birthday? I have, when I was only 6 years old. Ever since then I've had many encounters with my uncle. People say I’m crazy but I know more things about him than anyone knew (even his own wife). 

On August 11, 1996, my uncle committed suicide. He was very sick at the time with a well-known hallucination disease that caused him to pull the trigger. We heard that he was dead the day of my birthday. My family was very devastated at what we heard. My mother was the saddest person because she and my uncle were best friends until the end. Immediately after the word of his death, we took off awaiting a 6-hour drive. My mother was so dehydrated she drank 2 gallons of water on the way up. When we got to the family graveyard in Weld County, I felt nothing but energy. My head was spinning. I started hallucinating these ugly people. These people were just shouting and shouting the same thing over and over: "We won!" I started squirming around my bed like a little animal being captured.
My mother came in and started holding me down, trying to get me under control. She failed. About an hour passed, I started to calm down when the voices started to leave. I went to sleep.

The morning of the funeral my brother pulled me into his room and told me he had a strange dream. He was with my uncle at a coffin house where my uncle told him to help him find a coffin so he can finally rest. My brother had a good time with him until they found a coffin with his favorite color, red. My uncle laid down in it and said that was it, he found it. Then he looked at my brother and smiled. After that he woke up. He pulled me in there to tell me that he has that coffin. He told my mother, father, etc. No one believed him until it arrived. People were amazed with what he said. But that’s not all.

That night after the funeral I fell asleep on the basement couch when I heard his voice. It said to go outside. When I ran outside it was a sunny, hot, crisp morning day (I knew it was a dream). I saw my uncle holding 2 baseball mitts and a baseball. He threw me a mitt and I put it on. We started playing catch when I missed the ball and it rolled under a bush. I said I would go get it but he said it was alright, that I didn't have to get it. I looked at him weird and he just smiled and walked toward me. I looked at the ball wondering if he was getting it and he put his hand on my shoulder. Right then and there I felt cold hands. Energy was running through me again but not as bad. I jumped out of his way to see a big wrapped gift with a red bow. I looked at him with a grin and he told me to open it. I opened it to see a huge super soaker. I was so excited to see it I turned around to hug him but he was gone. I started looking for him but it was no use, he was gone. Everything went dark and before I woke up, I heard him say, "I'll miss you."

My whole family had an encounter with dreams. I may only be 14, but I have had this dream every year.  

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