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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.It is amazing the conversations one can become involved in at the drop of a hat. I recently was visiting with an elderly retired veterinarian. Our conversation went to spirits and ghosts and reincarnation topics. I asked him what he thought would be the better spirit to accompany or greet a person in the afterlife. Here is what he told me.

I give you the perspective of seven decades. Now, according to the psychological claptrap, a person who likes dogs has an aggressive, brutal underside. A person who likes cats has an independent, compassionate underside. Well, to each his own underside. A person can beat the crap out of a dog, and that dog will come back again and again to lick the fist that busted its nose. Now, you try that just once on a cat, and you will find your face in shreds at your feet! As to the afterlife, it probably will depend on how you were in living which animal would be best to have with you on the other side. People talk about the unconditional love of a dog and that is pure nonsense because a dog will eat its own poop and then lick its master’s face with wild abandon… this is more like unconditional stupidity to me! A cat will only lick your face after it has cleaned itself and only if it feels you deserve that lick. I have never seen a cat eat its own poop. I have had cats in my life and I have had dogs in my life. Each has a purpose. If you want an animal companion who follows you blindly, then get a dog. If you want an animal companion who leads and is full of spunk, then get a cat. It is a personal choice. But to answer your question, I would have to select the cat because the cat is more spiritually attuned to the afterlife and sees things that a dog is just too stupid to notice. Sorry, if I offend you, but that is my call on the subject, and how I see it. Cats seem to have a simple, straight-forward approach to things supernatural and they are unafraid. A dog gets a case of the willies, becomes frightened, pees on himself, and hides behind a tree. So it goes. That is how I see it.

Interesting, I thought. I wonder how many cats and dogs are out there reading this at the moment? Probably some heavy duty discussion going on in the animal world — here and beyond!

And which animal would you like as a choice to accompany you to the next world, or be there on call when you arrive? There are as many dog ghost stories as there are cat ghost stories.

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