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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. Alas, and aghast! It is that wonderful time again, and here comes Halloween 2007 with all of its tricks and treats! And believe me, Halloween knows who has been naughty and nice despite the deluge of B Movies on television and at the theaters dealing with the topic. Halloween is what one makes of it, and it does to us whatever we decide we want to do with its presence.

A history of Halloween can be found in numerous reference texts, documents, and computer sites. What should be asked of each of us who marks this unusual day is, what does it mean to us? What do we see in Halloween and what do we imagine in Halloween? It is a time of sacredness, paranormal activities, and supernatural happenings, depending upon individual preferences and beliefs.

Halloween is a sacred holy day to some, a historical footnote to others, and just a nice October day to still many more. It has been around for a while.

Would it not be interesting to take a time travel trip back to what might be historically identified as the first Halloween… and what would we find, and discover? Would we be delighted, shocked, scared, or what?

Halloween raises more questions with the passage of time, which makes it an important day and night on the calendar for many, many people. What are you doing this Halloween night? A hot date in the local cemetery, a sacred healing ceremony filled with positive incantations and invocations, or staying at home alone?

Well, I will answer the front door and give out the proverbial candy treats with the proverbial blessing, “Happy Halloween!” There you have it! Have a great Halloween whoever and wherever you are on Halloween, October 31, 2007. May the powers of light be with you!

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