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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.

It is a wonderful feeling to realize is ten years old, and to know I have been an ongoing part of its development! That is a deep personal emotion for me, one that gives me pleasure, pride, joy, and a feeling of keen satisfaction knowing that remarkable Web site has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams of sharing paranormal knowledge with the world. New friends have been made, and new avenues of information and research have become available. Yes, it is a humbling feeling, too, realizing the great sense of fellowship that has come about with has become known and respected for its open, honest, inquisitive approach to the paranormal. Starting off slowly, then gaining momentum at a rapid pace with numerous achievements, it has earned respect on a world-wide basis. Ghostvillage is a one-of-a-kind phenomena!

Ghostvillage signifies a meaningful approach to the paranormal that was lacking for much too long, and the approach brought by this Web site is to explore, reveal, document, and openly share the information with readers wherever they happened to be. It has become an international village where free exchange of paranormal information can be offered to those who are interested in all things paranormal and supernatural.

Having been there from the start, it is a great feeling to have seen Ghostvillage develop and spread into a helping tool to acquaint and educate readers with paranormal material. It continues to offer readers worldwide the opportunity to become part of the paranormal scene and share their stories. My column of paranormal and supernatural musings, “Bide One’s Time,” has become part of the history and growth of, and I feel both blessed, honored, and humble to write it! Also, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute book reviews, interviews, and other material.

The key to the ongoing success is based on its manner of sharing and dispersing information of a helpful nature. Whether or not you are looking for something totally paranormal or not, there is always something at this site to capture your imagination! Looking back over ten years there is so much to see and enjoy, and there will be so much more to see and enjoy in the next coming ten years. is based on the world community wish to share and communicate paranormal information, and that is important, very! The more information shared, the more educated and insightful readers of the paranormal become. is a true gathering place for those of kindred spirit and like mind who understand the importance of paranormal research and documentation.

I look forward to even more expansion and growth of this wonderful village in the forthcoming next ten years! And if I am not alive to see the next twenty years, at least my friendly ghost can whisper in your ear on a gentle, autumn night, “Come on along with me and enjoy what those wonderful readers and writers of the paranormal have come to share at! Let the festivities commence! Rattle your chains and shake your booty! Welcome to, one of the most endearing and pleasant things that goes bump in the night or the day!” is now become an important part of paranormal research and paranormal history. You, the reader, each and every one of you, have made it so. I personally thank you all! Keep the night light burning and the information coming, for both are always appreciated in the complex world of paranormal occurrences! I salute the publisher, Jeff Belanger, on his vision that became what has become, and I am honored to know him as a friend. A fine writer, his books continue to shed insights on the paranormal and other topics. I salute all the readers and writers and ghosts who have helped make a success.

Thanks, heartfelt wishes, and good blessings to each of you who come to explore the realms of May always remain a pioneering force for good in the world of paranormal research.

Many thanks for all the reader support, lively questions, and input.

-Lee Prosser

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